Our Tools

Hello everyone, the development team is here. We're happy to let you know that we've developed tools that will help you be happier.

Funny Birthday Facts

The first is funnybirthdayfacts.com, this web-based tool was developed using the PHP programming language. We created this web tool to help you find funny facts about birthdays or dates. Just enter the date, month and year in the top right corner of this website, you will find funny facts about dating. We will soon develop a wordpress plugin or html widget so you can embed it on your website.

Date & Time Calculator

The second tool we developed is the Date & Time Calculator. We also develop this website based tool using PHP programming language. We developed this tool with the aim of helping you return to dates in the past or into the future. There will also be a wordpress version and an html widget that you can embed on your website.

Although these are only two tools that we have developed, in the future we will add more if there are new ones. Stay tuned!

Latest Birthdays from Famous People

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