It's more than Funny Birthday Facts

Your birthday is not just a day in the calendar, it is a special day given to you. There are interesting and funny facts about the day you were born that you'll love to know. We collected lots of facts about your birthday including your detailed age, horoscope, birthstone and birth flower. We also collected information about celebrities who share your birthday, famous people born and died on your birthday, popular baby names on your birthday and your birthday in history. You just need to enter your date of birth and start discovering those interesting and funny facts about your birthday.

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Your Detailed Age From Seconds to Years

How long have you lived in this world? Do you know how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months you have spent on this earth? You will find out as soon as possible after entering your date of birth in the right corner of this website.

Your Zodiac, Birthstone and Birth Flower

What is my zodiac sign? What would my character look like based on astrology? You can find out your zodiac sign and other people's zodiac signs and their personality on this website. We have compiled all the zodiac characters in western astrology on this website. You just enjoy it with one click. Don't forget there is information about birthstones and birth flowers related to your birth month.

Celebrities Having Same Birthday as You

Who were the celebrities sharing the same birthday as you? You'll know them. We've collected hundreds of thousands celebrities birthdays in our database including, but not limited to, YouTube Stars, Instagram Stars, TikTok Stars, Pop Singers, TV Actors, TV Actresses, Models, Movie Actors, Movie actresses and TV Show Hosts.

Famous People Born and Died on Your Birthday

There is birth, there is death. We have compiled the data that we obtained from wikipedia regarding famous people who were born and died on your birthday. These famous people are not just ordinary people, they are famous people who are recorded in history for their work in the world in their era.

Historical Events on Your Birthday

It would be great to know the history of our birthday. We have collected information about historical events that are commemorated in conjunction with our birthdays. You can simply enter your date of birth in the top right corner of this website to find out.

Florida Man Headlines for Your Birthday

Are you following the #FloridaManChallenge? Did you know what Florida Man do on your birthday? We bring you some news headlines related to what florida man did on your birthday. It will be very interesting to know the strange and crazy crimes that happened on your birthday.

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